Eureka! Oh and it’s shark week

Hi hi hi,

SO today I found out that the first ever Tiger shark sonogram taken place in The Bahamas by James Sulikowski, a Professor of Marine sciences. (I’m unsure when but this is recent news)

At the moment I am studying radiography and my plan is to do further study to do Sonography. Anyway with a background in Marine ecology and a passion for sharks! (udbafjjsks) I hope to expand my knowledge and be able to do this one day! It’s just a thought and I think its totally awesome.

There is a lot we don’t know about sharks such as where they breed and where they wander in the ocean. With being able to tag sharks scientists can find out more information about them and hopefully be able to protect the places where they breed and such. So yeah its an amazing advancement in the shark world. I’ll post the link of video if you’re interested in this. Sadly it won’t let me view on youtube cause it’s not available in NZ 😦

Look at those cute babies!! ❤

Have a sharky week !:D sharkbabies460.gif


No wifi :(

So it’s been a while..and having no internet at my place kind of makes things hard for me to update my blog! In the meantime I have found a new book to read and it’s by Penelope Green called Girl by the sea. It looks like a book I’ll enjoy, kind of different to my usual. My kind of books usually are non-fiction and  are autobiographies or something about history.

I was feeling like a sweet tooth today and I got myself one of these mocha iced drinks  yummo!

If you’ve read a book by Penelope Green and you enjoy her stuff get in touch cause I need new authors to read..expand my genre in that what you call it? Hmph

Anyways..till next time!